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Advanced AI-Powered Legal Research

Explore top-tier AI tools that quickly navigate through large volumes of legal data to pinpoint relevant case laws and precedents, enhancing your ability to prepare for cases.

Enhanced Automated Legal Drafting

Advanced AI solutions help maintain accuracy and reduce time spent on manual tasks, allowing you more time on other important aspects.

AI in Prediction and Analysis

Learn to use AI algorithms that predict potential case results and analyse historical data. This insight helps you prepare more effectively for court appearances and client consultations.

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What will you learn ?

Module 1

Introduction to legal AI

Theoretical & Practical - Exploring why 'Legal AI' is important in depth
How to use 'Legal AI' to your advantage to grow 10x in your legal career
Some important statistics & strategies on using 'Legal AI' to your advantage

Module 2

What is AI & International Framework 

Deep dive into the legality of AI in different jurisdiction
Gain a conceptual understanding of Legal AI
Taught by Senior Scale Professor Mr. Sajal Sharma

Module 3

Exploring use cases of AI

Exploring different use cases of legal AI - explore strategies on how to approach the use cases
Understanding how to use legal AI in particular use case with practical examples
Expert insights on how you find use cases that are relevant to you and tackle them
Expert insights in using AI in a lawyers journey

Module 4

Prompt Generation - Basic & Advanced

Master the techniques of loop chaining and sequencing to create complex and effective prompts that produce targeted outcomes
Learn to formulate prompts that give you the desired results
Gain a deep understanding of how prompts work, including the various elements that contribute to their effectiveness in generating the desired results  

Module 5

[LIVE] Doubt Class Based on Prompt Formula Application 

Interactive sessions to address AI application questions
Personalized solutions through applied prompt formulas
Direct problem-solving with example-driven clarifications

Module 6

AI Driven Document Analysis & Legal Research

Utilizing AI for Streamlined Case Law Analysis
Rapid Review of Legal Documents with AI Technology
AI Assistance in Comprehensive Legal Due Diligence
Data-Driven Strategy Development & other legal research use cases & tools

Module 7

Drafting Key Clauses & Formulating Negotiation Strategy

Utilize AI for drafting precise, legally sound contract clauses
Use AI to enhance negotiation tactics and strategy formulation
Leverage AI tools to develop and simulate negotiation scenarios
Use AI-driven data analytics to support decision-making in negotiations

Module 8

Drafting Document with the help of AI

Explore AI capabilities for automating legal document drafting
Learn to integrate AI for saving your time
Study AI's role in customizing documents to specific legal needs
Understand AI-assisted review to ensure document compliance and validity

Module 9

[LIVE] Doubt Class Based on Past Modules 

Interactive sessions to address AI application questions
Personalized solutions through applied prompt formulas
Direct problem-solving with example-driven clarifications

Module 10

Integrating AI with WORD & EXCEL

Integrate AI to streamline legal document creation and editing in Word
Learn to utilize AI for advanced data analysis & management in Excel
Integrate AI in word & excel

Module 11

Exploring Brand Building through AI

Social Media strategies for brand growth
Apply AI tools for creating consistent, brand-aligned visual content
Social media management and content scheduling
Creating content plan strategies in respect to the target audience

Module 12

[LIVE] Doubt Class Based on Past Modules

Interactive sessions to address AI application questions
Personalized solutions through applied prompt formulas
Direct problem-solving with example-driven clarifications

Who is this course for ?

Law students

For law students who aim to integrate AI into their future practice. This course provides hands-on experience with the latest AI tools shaping the legal industry.

Lawyers & Advocates

For active professionals eager to optimize their legal services through AI. Learn to enhance your strategy formulation with predictive analytics and streamline case management with intelligent automation..

Interested in Law & AI

For anyone fascinated by the intersection of law and artificial intelligence. Dive deep into the mechanics of machine learning in legal contexts and explore how AI is revolutionizing research and due diligence.

Learn 10+ Practical AI Tools and Master AI for Law!

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Assistant Professor (Selection Grade), School of Law, UPES

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will we get certificate for the course?

Yes, sample certificate is displayed above. You will get the certificate once you finish the tests and the classes

What if I miss a live class?

We provide recording of every class, so even if you miss a class you can watch the recording

How long can I access the classes?

1 Year

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