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Total 4+ Hours Course Duration
Practical insights on drafting legal notices
Explore modules covering everything from drafting to a legal notice to replying to a legal notice

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What will you learn ?

Module 1

General Understanding of Notice

What does a legal notice mean
Why is a legal notice sent
Components of a legal notice
Underlying principles about legal notice

Module 2

Requirement of a legal notice

Understand the legal grounds for issuing a notice
Identify the essential elements required in a legal notice
Recognize circumstances that mandate a formal notice
Practical insights on requirement of legal notice

Module 3

Types of legal notice

Explore the difference between General Notice vs Specific Notice
Explore the difference between Actual vs Constructive Notice
Know what are the different types of notices
Get practical insights on when to send what notice

Module 4

Statutory Notice

Delve into the specifics of statutory notices required by law
Study real-world examples to solidify your knowledge of statutory notices
Direct problem-solving with example-driven clarifications
Enhancing understanding of AI prompt structures in legal contexts

Module 5

Notice Under Negotiable Instrument Act

Gain foundational knowledge of the Negotiable Instrument Act
Understand the offences under the NI Act that necessitate a legal notice and the consequences
Learn about the critical components that must be included in a notice under the NI Act
Practical insights and real-world example

Module 6

Notice Under Section 80 of CPC 

Understand the legal requisites of issuing a notice under Section 80 CPC
Analyze the format and drafting techniques for a Section 80 notice
Study the implications of non-compliance with Section 80
Learn the strategic considerations in sending notices to government entities

Module 7

Other types of statutory notices

Master the drafting of various statutory notices beyond the Negotiable Instruments Act
Understand the nuances and legal requirements of specialized statutory notices
Explore case studies to see how different notices are applied in legal settings
Analyze real-world scenarios to enhance decision-making skills in statutory notice preparation

Module 8

Notice under National Green Tribunal

Crucial Piece of Advice (Pre-drafting Stage)
Introduction to the Problem (Real Life Case Study)
Detailed guidance through the structure and content required in the body of a notice
Discuss critical points and common pitfalls to watch out for when drafting notices in environmental law cases.

Module 9

Notice under Section 138

Introduction to the Problem (Real Life Case Study)
Step-by-step instructions on drafting a notice under Section 138, covering the legal and procedural aspects
Gain insights on critical nuances and expert tips to ensure your notice adheres to legal standards and practices
Explore the legal implications of the notice under Section 138 and the potential consequences of non-compliance

Module 10

Notice for recovery of dues

Introduction to the Problem (Real Life Case Study)
Receive step-by-step guidance on drafting an effective notice for the recovery of financial dues
Learn strategies for legal recourse and negotiations in the context of debt recovery notices
Understand the legal provisions underpinning the recovery of dues and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations

Module 11

Replying to Legal Notice

Understand the criticality of responding to legal notices and the potential consequences of inaction
Learn the components and format of an effective reply, along with practical tips for drafting
Navigate the specific requirements for responding to a notice under Section 138 of NI Act, Section 80 of CPC and Section 30(B) of NGT

Module 12

Modes of Service

Get acquainted with various methods of delivering legal notices
Learn about the legal stipulations that govern how notices must be served according to jurisdiction and case type
Master the details of procedural compliance to avoid challenges to the service of notices.

Module 13

Theory - History of Legal Notice (India & the World)

Trace the development of the legal notice as a concept from ancient times to modern law
Explore the history and significance of legal notices within the Indian legal system
Understand how the concept of a legal notice has influenced legal practices and societal expectations

Who is this course for ?

Law students

For law students aspiring to master the fundamentals of legal practice. This course offers hands-on experience with the core skills of notice drafting, a vital tool in the legal profession.

Lawyers & Advocates

For practicing attorneys who wish to refine their legal drafting capabilities. Enhance your expertise in creating precise, legally compliant notices to better serve your clients' needs.

Interested in Legal Drafting

For anyone fascinated by the intersection of law and artificial intelligence. Dive deep into the mechanics of machine learning in legal contexts and explore how AI is revolutionizing research and due diligence.

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