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Legal notice drafting is vital for individuals and businesses to navigate complex legal scenarios effectively. Our course offers comprehensive training in crafting precise and legally sound notices, equipping participants with essential skills for compliance and risk management. By joining our course, individuals gain a deep understanding of legal nuances, ensuring their notices are both accurate and enforceable.

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This course offers you exactly that – a hands-on experience that mirrors real-world scenarios. By engaging in this course we ensure that you will be able to draft & reply to a legal notice.

Internship Opportunity to Law students

To our dedicated students, we present an added opportunity. For the top performers from each batch, we offer 5 internships in Lawlevelup who work with experts to further enhance their knowledge. 


Know the expert taking you through the training

He pursued his undergraduate studies in Political Science (Hons.) at Deshbandhu College before obtaining his Bachelor's in Law from Jindal Global Law School. Subsequently, he completed a post-graduate diploma in Environmental Law and Policy, offered by NLU-Delhi in collaboration with WWF-India.

Furthering his academic journey, he earned a Master of Laws (LLM) in Constitutional Law and obtained certification in Social Psychology from the Department of Psychology at Wesleyan University. With over four years of experience, he has been actively engaged in legal practice, specializing in civil and criminal laws across the country.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Course
  • Introduction
General Understanding of Notice
  • Introduction
Requirement of a legal notice
  • Understanding where a legal notice is 'required'
Types of legal notice
  • General Notice vs Specific Notice
  • Actual vs Constructive Notice
Statutory Notice
  • A General Understanding
  • Understanding Requirements
Notice Under Negotiable Instrument Act
  • Notice under Negotiable Instrument Act - 1 (Introduction)
  • Notice under Negotiable Instrument Act - 2 (Offence under NI Act)
  • Notice under Negotiable Instrument Act - 3 (Essential Elements)
Notice Under Section 80 of CPC
  • Notice Under Section 80 of CPC - 1 - (Law & the intent)
  • Notice Under Section 80 of CPC - 2 - (Law & the intent)
Other types of statutory notices
  • Other types of statutory notices

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Go throughy the classes diligently and make notes. Once ou have done this, try to go through the reading material we have provided you and make sure to form notes of this too in one place. Combine both the things and revise the notes before your next class. This system is to be followed before every class.

This course is taught by industry expert which will help you get expert learning and practical insights about the field. Through this you can actually know about the realities of the field and get the training that applies in your law practice.

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