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Embark on a Cosmic Journey with Lawlevelup's Space Law Course! Navigate the legal cosmos, crafted and taught by industry experts. Discover the intersections of law and space exploration, unravel the intricacies of international space treaties, and delve into the complex legalities surrounding commercial spaceflight. 

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How to clear your doubts in recorded mode?

We have a chat feature available in the course mode that can be used to clear doubts and interact with us moreover, we will be holding doubt clearing sessions and calls for you.

Why should I study space law?

Space law is an emerging field due to rapid advancements in space technology and the increased interest in space exploration, both by governments and private entities.

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Know the experts taking you through the training

Learn law from industry experts to explore the practical aspects of the law

Sajal Sharma
Assistant Professor (Senior Scale), UPES & Member Space Law & Policy Project Group

Swapnil Chaudhary
Advocate, Supreme Court of India & M.A. Space and Telecommunications Law (NALSAR)

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  • Focus
Introduction to Space Law
  • Video Lecture 1: Introduction to Space Law - Part 1
  • Video Lecture 2: Introduction to Space Law - Part 2
International Framework
  • Video Lecture 3 - International Framework Part 1
  • Video Lecture 4 - International Framework Part 2
  • Video Lecture 5 - International Framework Part 3
  • Video Lecture 6 - International Framework Part 4
Indian Space Policy
  • Video Lecture 7 - Indian Space Policy
National Legislation
  • Video Lecture 8 - National Legislation
Space Debris and Space Traffic Management
  • Video Lecture 9 - Space Debris and Space Traffic Management
Final MCQ Test
  • Final MCQ Test
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The course starts on 19th August, 2023 and would go on till 6 weeks.

Go through the classes diligently and make notes. Once you have done this, try to go through the reading material we have provided you and make sure to form notes of this too in one place. Combine both the things and revise the notes before your next class. This system is to be followed before every class.

This cours is taught by industry experts and partners of top law firms which will help you get expert learning and practical insights about the field. Through this you can actually know about the realities of the field and get the training that applies in your law practice.

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